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Binding relationships one couple at a time, making two into one (221)

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Who Am I?

I am Quintina BearChief-Adolpho PhD, a full-blooded Blackfoot, First Nations Member of the Siksika Nation. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development, a Master of Science degree in School Counseling, a Master of Science degree in School Psychology, and a PhD in Counseling Psychology from Brigham Young University- Provo, UT. I have been married for 20+ years, am a mother of six children, and currently expecting a second grandchild. I have practiced counselling and school psychology for over 15 years, and have served a two-year term as an elected counselor to our tribe’s Chief (an equivalent political position to a vice president to my nation). My professional experience has persuaded me to establish a service, on the Siksika reservation, offering “relationship building workshops” that serve to bind relationships one couple at a time, making two into one (221).  

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What I Am Doing

I have an established business on the Siksika Nation Reservation, to receive gifts in exchange for offering "relationship building workshops," to First Nation members. A Siksika Nation member’s business income, located on the Siksika Nation Reservation, is nontaxable, and provides the business-owner the freedom to allocate 100% of their funds freely and without regulation. The revenues of the business will be consecrated towards the purchase of the land and the building of a NEW facility, constructed for the purpose of creating eternal families.

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How You Can Help

Those who desire to assist in our efforts, in an exchange, to make "relationship building workshops" available to First Nation members, and indirectly supporting my efforts to purchase land and build a facility, constructed for the purpose of creating eternal families, may do so by following these instructions: Please mail a personal check, money order, or certified check, paid to the order of Tree of Life 221 to this address:

Tree of Life 221
c/o: Quintina BearChief-Adolpho
P.O. Box 1723
Siksika Nation, Alberta Canada
T0J 3W0 (these are zeros)

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Note: Postage from the USA to Canada for a first-class 1 oz standard envelope is $1.15.

Additional Information

Through my Doctoral dissertation, I learned that “institutionalization” has trapped the minds of good First Nation people, to see all solutions through the lens of government programs. I interviewed and evaluated educated American Indians who chose to return to the reservation, and each of them reported that they came back because of “Relationships,” in one form or another. However, when asked what they would recommend to produce a greater returning educated population, they suggested more government programs.

As a culturally active First Nation member, a past tribal counsellor, and PhD, I have developed skills and methods that can help good First Nation members transition out of this “institutionalized” mentality, dependent upon government programs, to strengthen familial relationships once again.